Good at

Why me?  Well for one, I think I’m a Cool Mom. Actually I think I’m a cool person and also a cool mom. My kids still mostly agree though I am able to embarrass them by doing or wearing things that “are not cool Mom…” rather easily these days. I love it! Payback time!!!

That aside – I can write about most things. I mean if I can write about what a pixel is and also be a shoe, I feel I can cover a pretty wide array of topics and products.  I’m a jack-of-most-trades and can bring an international twist and perspective to the writer’s pool.  I’m a curious person and don’t tend to settle for the status quo.  I try to have an open-mind about most things and living in Amsterdam has definitely pushed me in that area.

  • Translating:  I am great at translating ideas/products/languages into something people understand and embrace.
  • Teaching:  I am an excellent teacher. Comes back to translating ideas/concepts into something others understand. I use creative visual methods, lots of jumping and activities and push people to just try.
  • Writing:  I write no-nonsense style – to the point.  No long reports.  Just can’t.  There is usually an element of humor in my writing.  Recently I’ve been writing as a shoe. Really.
  • Languages:  I speak 4 fluently and sometimes I’m not even conscious of which one I am speaking.  My hands fly around for one, my throat makes strange G sounds for another. Though this is completely irrelevant for Cool Mom Picks, it is something I’m good at! 
  • People:  I have a presence and energy with people – that’s what “they” say.  I put on my best shoes and boom, nothing can stop me.
  • Organizing:  This is kind of a boring word to use but I manage to get a lot of stuff done and get dinner on the table every night.  #havetobeagoodorganisorforthat
  • Doing absolutely nothing:  Yes. I can also do that really well.

What do I love?


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