This is not really about Love in the Love between two people sense of the word but about what I LOVE to do, eat, see, experience.

  • Favorite sport:  Cross-country skiing. Paddle boarding a close second. Kayaking a close third. I love to be outside right in the middle of it. Silent and peaceful.
  • Favorite thing to eat:  Pizza Margherita, made in Italy. If you can make a good Pizza Margherita, you are my hero.
  • Favorite thing to wear:  I actually wear the same thing most days – for me, it’s all about the shoes.
  • Favorite shoes:  I need more space for this. I love shoes. They turn a bad day into a good one, a meeting into a power meeting, a walk into a dance.
  • Favorite sister:  Well that wouldn’t be fair would it?  I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Love them all the same.
  • Favorite TV show:  I feel like this could be a trick question.  I love The Crown. Downton Abbey a fav as well.  Liking Designated Survivor and Halt and Catch Fire a lot.
  • Favorite movie:  Grease. Hands-down.
  • Favorite app:  ParkMobile  – A Dutch parking app that enables me to turn my parking payment on and off with the click of a button.  No more guessing how long I will be parked for and I never have to break a sweat trying to get back to my car before the clock runs out.
  • Favorite new addition to our house:  Alexa.  I can tell her what to do and she just does it. Amazing! No talking back, no no’s. Just the occasional “I don’t understand that question” which forces me to be clearer about what I want. Helpful on all fronts!  I’m waiting for Alexa 3.0 who will also cook dinner.
  • Favorite new product:  Thinx. Period Underwear. This is truly breakthrough technology.
  • Favorite app my husband uses: To be clear, this is my favorite app that my husband uses: Headspace.
  • Favorite other cool thing:  The Hovding helmet. It works like an airbag and you wear it like a scarf.
  • Favorite mode of transportation: My bike!

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