About Lianne

This is me.

And this is me in a nutshell.  Clearly not literally…

And yes, I made this wordpress especially for you.  

  • My name is Lianne Marie Bergeron.
  • I’m a Canadian gal living just outside of Amsterdam (NL).
  • I am the mother of 4 kids: Adam (13), Francesca (12), Olivia (10) and Julia (9).
  • I will have 4 teenagers at the same time.
  • Which is why I am looking for a small apartment to live in by myself somewhere in Italy ; ).
  • I started working professionally in 1991 during the “digital imaging” revolution.  I was a teaching-assitant at an amazing place called “The Center for Creative Imaging” which was located in Camden Maine and run by the Eastman Kodak Company.  This village is still one of my favourite places to be but Kodak sure missed that train…
  • Being a multi-media/digital imaging specialist back then allowed me to work and travel around the world teaching, lecturing, writing and consulting.  If it hadn’t I would have found another way to travel around the world!
  • I absolutely love breaking down information & concepts into something that people can actually understand and embrace. I’m also really good at it.
  • I’ve been teaching in some form or other for most of my life.
  • I am definitely a generalist and would rather know a little about a lot than the other way around.
  • My drop-box is always “almost full”.
  • I have an i-phone 5. Why? Fits in my pocket.

So you’re probably saying to yourselves – get to the point wouldya?

Here it is. I want to be one of your Cool Mom Picks Tech writers. I saw your email come in last week and it caught my left eye immediately.

I would bring an International North American Cool Mom Likes Tech Loves Shoes personality to your – already great – company.

If you want to know more about my work experience – read on…

Otherwise have a look at my other posts!

My cv looks like this:  Worked on the first digital cameras and Mac’s when I was 21. Had e-mail in 1991 and a Macbook with 4MB’s of RAM & a 40MB harddrive – just saying… I was offered a job in Amsterdam, so obviously I took it, and headed the training and marketing for a company that was joining the digital imaging wave. I worked as a consultant for Kodak Canada and was a Sales Support Manager for an international company making large format digital printers.  I ran my own company called ‘bambooyellow’  that specialized in (then) new media & communications. I spent a year working for Fair Trade in Africa teaching NGO’s how to use technology in their product development.  Then I had kids.

Age 33, I had my first baby, then had 3 more and wrote a booklet about newborns. Despite all that I had read, there was a lot I just had no idea about during those first months.  I published that booklet. After recovering from 4 kids in 4 years, I re-adjusted my professional life and started teaching English to Dutch kids. I’ve developed an effective program and still run a number of classes every year.  Over the last years I have also written a couple of articles for The Magazine as well of for other on-line magazines. I also write as a shoe. Want the corporate version? That’s on linked-in.


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